Mark Nicolson
Leadership and Organizational Development

Mark Nicolson has been consulting and teaching for the last two decades on transformative leadership in organizations and individuals. His clients include high tech startups, partnerships, VCs, and social change visionaries. He is the founder of The Nicolson Group, and he has recently worked with IDEO, BALLE, Humanity United, and the Ella Baker Center, as well as with Desmond Tutu and his family foundation. Early in his career, Mark worked in investment banking in the UK and Hong Kong before becoming a partner in Alexander, the UK pioneer in executive coaching. He took a two year sabbatical in the late 90s to manage the garden at Esalen Institute and this inspired his life and work philosophy. His year long transformation coaching training, Coaching Mastery, starts in February each year. Mark has an MBA from Stanford, and MA in Classical Literature from Oxford, and an MA in Psychology from Meridian University.