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Our Co-founders

Alexa Cortes Culwell and Heather McLeod Grant are co-founders of Open Impact. They began the firm based on a shared passion for partnering with social change leaders focused on creating greater impact. Together they are leading a network of seasoned colleagues who share their passion and values, bring diverse talent and skills, love to learn and grow, and find joy in their work.   

Both Alexa and Heather are longtime residents of Silicon Valley, where they are raising families. They are partners in Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2), Senior Fellows of the American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley, and active community volunteers.

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Our Team

The people on our team are deeply committed to helping clients realize their full potential for social impact. Experienced in strategy development, leadership, design thinking, research, financial analysis and meeting facilitation, our diverse team brings its full creative energies to collaboration with our client partners.


Our Client Partners 

In our best work we act as one team with our clients, leveraging our respective strengths, co-creating solutions, and building our capacity together.  Our clients are the leaders in their fields, and include the executive heads of foundations, family offices, nonprofits, business and government. They are pioneering social entrepreneurs, tri-sector athletes, and individual philanthropists at all stages of their giving journeys.  Below is a partial list of our client partners: